Meet our team

Son Hoang Pham

Bridge System Engineer

When did you join ITS-J?

February 2019

What's your role at ITS-J?

Bridge System Engineer. Rather than writing the actual code, my main role is to instruct programmers who understand the specifications to make sure that the products not only reach the successfully index but also satisfy the customer and the end user.

Why did you decide to join ITS-J?

The working environment is very friendly, international and professional, it make me improve my skills, my communication and have a great opportunity to learn Japan culture. I feel like this is the environment that can help me to improve myself and my career development.

What's your favorite programming language, and coding style?

I have had many years of working in .NET environment but I think programming languages are not important than coding styles, so I always find a way coding as simple as possible that any one can understand.

What do you do besides work?

 I enjoyed traveling, exploring and especially climbing. I climbed high mountains in Vietnam, so my next goal is Fujisan.