Meet our team

Masahiro Otsuka

Chief Happiness Officer, co-founder

When did you join ITS-J?

November 2018

What's your role at ITS-J?

I’m Chief Happiness Officer at ITS-J. I’m responsible for making sure all of our employees are happy working in the company.

Why did you decide to join ITS-J?

I joined ITS-J, because I saw huge potentials in Vietnam, especially in people.


What's your favorite programming language, and coding style?

What do you do besides work?

I have 4 small kids in my family.  I’m busy taking care of them while my wife take rest on weekend. But when I get extra time, I build furniture in my garage. I’ve been enjoying on weekend building furniture for my home, as well as for my small online store.

I started learning furniture building by watching YouTube. It’s my great teacher. 

You are welcome to check my works at my Instagram below.